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Patrick McCarry. No problem — this man will probably rival you in the fashion department. Virgo man in love [ 24th August - 22nd September]. Managers: Manuel Pellegrini. The Virgo man is very discriminating when it comes to love, so well done for passing the first test!

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He is known to take his own sweet time, when choosing a partner and would look for someone who won't show him up when on a date or on an important, practical matter. The Audrey Hepburn look is his ideal — fastidious, co-ordinated and cool - but brains as well as beauty is his thing, because this man is ruled by Mercury. He needs good communication in a relationship, a bit like Gemini that is also ruled by the airy, versatile Mercury.

However, unlike Gemini, the Virgo man takes responsibility very seriously, whether it is to his work or his mate. One thing to bear in mind is that he can be a tad critical — about anything and everything — including you. From your dress sense to the way you do the washing up, he could well have an opinion. And, it might not be the one you want to hear! On the plus side, though, this man will praise you too and shall be quietly supportive of your hopes and dreams. This is not a man to flaunt his love, but will be devoted in his own special way.

He will work at love and strive to improve the partnership he is in, which makes a change from many men who walk away at the first sign of trouble. This man positively thrives on difficulty and problems and he will push harder to overcome them. Usually sun signs have a little of the one opposite them — in this case it's Pisces. This gives a Virgo a secret romantic tinge and a self-sacrificial air about him in everything to do with love.

Libra man in love [ 23rd September - 23rd October]. This man was born for love and is ready for it from a shockingly early age. And, this love is not so much about sex, but full-blown hearts-and-flowers stuff with the emphasis on romance. Libra men have dreams — the dreams of having a certain kind of woman in their lives. Utterly romantic in his Utopian dream of love, a Libra dreams of being the leading man in a wash-buckling Errol Flynn type movie and of rescuing the girl and whisking her away for a happily-ever-after ending.

Being ruled by Venus like Taurus, he likes and needs beauty. Libra is the sign of partnership and of the true gentleman who will do anything in his power to hold on to that romantic ideal. A Libra will support his lover, although he will want to feel supported in his own endeavours too. Chivalrous and gallant, a Libra will at least, plan to go to the ends of the earth for a loved one. He needs a partner who will balance his nature, as Libra represents the Scales. Perhaps someone slightly feistier than he is, even though he abhors arguments, so he is unlikely to go for an argumentative type of woman who will rock the boat.

A Libra is very fair and will go as far as they can when it comes to house work, finances and just sharing the load. Looks like a dream catch! Scorpio man in love [ 24th October - 22nd November]. Managers: Luiz Felipe Scolari. The Scorpio man is a strange, enigmatic being, and this trait gets even more accentuated when it comes to love. If he is interested, he will pretend not to be and simply put you under the microscope to see if you are worthy of his time and energy. This close examination will allow the Scorpio to get to the bottom of all your flaws and, of course, all your strengths.

But, once he has made up his mind that you are the one, he has staying power in a romance, because he is a fixed sign. Loyal and true, the Scorpio will remain faithful, if the attachment satisfies his emotions, intellect and soul. Nothing less than the best will do, though! Although, traditionally the Scorpio has been tarred with the 'Sex Maniac of the Zodiac' label, in truth this man craves affection and romance as much as the physical intimacy.

He needs to be loved. Having said that, some of these men the less evolved sort can opt for a relationship just based on lust, if there is nothing better around. The astrologers are right in a way — that sexuality is at the core of a Scorpio — but this does not exist in isolation.

Let's be fair - there is more to the loyal and possessive Scorpio man! Yes, betrayal is abhorred, and will not be forgiven or forgotten, but if you love this man with all your might, what you get in return shall please you no end. Sagittarius man in love [ 23rd November - 21st December]. Managers: Roberto Mancini. Impulsive, optimistic Sagittarius is always sure that he has found true love, as and when he embarks on his latest relationship.

He is a feet-first type of person and will dive headlong into a romance, even though his friends and family might warn him off, sensing that these two just do not fit together correctly. Enthusiastic at the beginning, the Sagittarius could become a little bored and look for the next adventure, though, especially if his feelings of wanderlust are not satisfied.

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He needs freedom — a lover in a different city, who he can see occasionally would fit the bill because that way his need for excitement would be fulfilled, and also his love of travel would be assuaged. Not to mention though, friendly and caring, the Sagittarius will be generous to all his loved ones. This man is typically very gregarious with a great sense of humour who will keep all his groupies including, the adoring girlfriends! Many Archer men have a child-like endearing quality, and they also possess a creative gift.

And, they can make a chraming company, especially if they do not start bragging about their talents. Capricorn man in love [ 22nd December - 19th January]. Managers: Alex Ferguson, Pep Guardiola. There might be some truth in that, but overall the Capricorn does have a smattering of romance in his soul. He likes intelligence, smartness and ability, and — because of his sense of duty and deep feelings for the family life — he is also on the hunt for someone who would want to be a wife and mother. In other words, he is looking for a traditional girl, who is not averse to hard work and who wants to strive after a better lifestyle.

The Capricorn man is ambitious, and will quietly work behind the scenes for years to secure a good salary and financial package. In love, the Goat is already thinking ahead to retirement and medical insurance as there is romance in his soul, but this is balanced with his need for security. He is not interested in the flighty, flirty girls.

He is not looking for a short-term fling but for a long-term partnership, built on the foundations of trust and loyalty. Even when young, the Capricorn male will show a maturity beyond his years, when it comes to romance.


He does not mind settling down at an early age — older women do not phase him either. In fact, he positively enjoys a mature, experienced female. Unlike some men — who at the first sign of a grey hair are looking over their shoulders for someone else, the Cappy male is comfortable and likes the idea of ageing gracefully. There often are two types of Aquarius — the zany, forward-thinking type that is into experimentation and 'free love' and the other more conservative type that acts a lot like a Capricorn.

Even if they look harmless, the first type will flirt outrageously with you and try to bed you at the earliest opportunity. Once they have successfully seduced you, the surprises probably won't stop there. He is likely to have a lot of female friends, and remain friends with his exes on a platonic basis.

The Aquarius male is likely to be intelligent — even super intelligent — with wide-ranging interests, which could include philosophy, computers, sport, chess, mathematics and travelling.

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It will obviously help if you are also clever and an achiever. This man likes the modern women who are in-control and independent. He is never afraid that his masculinity will be compromised. If you are dealing with the first sort of the Water Bearer, then you will have to allow him a great deal of freedom. He will need to be on his own, sometimes. Overall, an Aquarian is generally very fairminded and, like other air signs Gemini and Libra, will have no qualms about contributing to a partnership on all levels.